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We offer flexible laminates made of various plastic, aluminum and paper combinations

PET/PE, PET/MET PET/ PE, PET / Foil/ PE, PET/CPP, PET/BOPP (Nat, White & Metalized)


PET/Foil/BON/CPP, AlOx Pet/BON/CPP (Retort)

BOPP/BOPP, BOPP/CPP, BOPP/PE (Nat, White & Metalized), BOPP/Extr/Met Pet/PE


CPP/PP Thermoformable Laminates

Paper/Al. Foil/ HS Coating, Paper/Extr/Foil/Extr/PE

Al. Foil/Paper (Embossed)

PET/HS, Foil/HS (Lids)

BOPP/Extr/WPP, BOPP/Extr/Met Pet/WPP

Zip Pouch and Zip Foil (Consumer Business).

What are the benefits of flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastic, film, paper and aluminum foil to deliver a broad range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material.

Flexible packaging:

-is light-weight and easy to open, carry, store, and reseal

-extends the shelf life of many products, especially food, and has a positive sustainability profile

-requires less energy to manufacture and to transport, and generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market

-ultimately results in less consumer waste being sent to landfills

-Widely extendible into diverse product categories

-Is easily transported and stored

-Creates shelf appeal

-Enables visibility of contents

-Provides efficient product to package ratios

-Uses less energy

Excellent for high speed machines.

Extrusion Lamination for high barrier properties for extended shelf life.

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from Europe.

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We Provide Various Kinds Of Packaging

Agricultural Packaging

Food Packaging

Personal, Home & Healthcare Packaging

Packaging for Special Applications

Beverages Packaging

Industrial Packaging

liquid Packaging

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